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In 1942, with the Em­pire of Japan on the of­fen­sive, Bri­tain’s own im­pe­rial pos­ses­sions and al­lies in the Far East and the Pa­cific sud­denly found them­selves in the fir­ing line of a new, per­ilous front.

Men from across Aus­tralia, who had al­ready an­swered the call to arms, now found them­selves fac­ing a threat much closer to home. Out­num­bered and in many cases out­gunned, small Aussie units de­ployed on Ti­mor, Guinea and else­where re­sorted to guer­rilla tac­tics – us­ing their bush craft and knowl­edge of the to­pog­ra­phy to ha­rass the Ja­panese.

This is­sue, Dr Karl James of the Aus­tralian War Memo­rial ex­plains how these guer­rilla forces helped hold the em­pire’s front­line against all the odds.

Tim Wil­liamson Edi­tor-in-chief

Aussie ‘guer­ril­las’ utilise the land­scape on Por­tuguese Ti­mor to con­duct am­bushes

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