History of War - - AVRO VULCAN -

The Vul­can was de­signed to carry the mas­sive Blue Danube nu­clear bomb, soon re­placed by the

Vi­o­let Club and Yel­low Sun bombs. In 1963 these were re­placed by Yel­low Sun Mk. 2s for Vul­can

B.1s and the Blue Steel nu­clear mis­sile for Vul­can B.2s. Vulcans could also carry 21 454-kilo­gram (1,000-pound) con­ven­tional bombs, which be­came stan­dard after the Royal Navy took on the strate­gic nu­clear de­ter­rent in 1969. The tac­ti­cal WE177 nu­clear bomb could also be car­ried. In 1982, Shrike anti-radar mis­siles were fit­ted for ‘Black Buck’ op­er­a­tions.

The Vul­can could carry 21 454-kg con­ven­tional bombs, or a Blue Steel nu­clear mis­sile

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