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The five-man crew of the Vul­can all sat in a sin­gle, crowded, pres­surised cabin. Two pi­lots sat side by side be­hind fight­er­style joy­sticks, look­ing for­ward through a very lim­ited canopy, in­tended to pro­tect the crew from the blind­ing flash of the nu­clear pay­load. Be­hind, fac­ing the rear, were a nav­i­ga­tor (radar), nav­i­ga­tor (plot­ter) and air elec­tron­ics of­fi­cer (AEO), each with im­pos­ing banks of in­stru­ments. Cut­ting-edge in the 1950s, much of the nav­i­ga­tional and elec­tronic war­fare avion­ics would be badly dated by the 1980s. Only the pi­lots had ejec­tor seats.

The three rear-fac­ing crew po­si­tions: two nav­i­ga­tors on the left, and an air elec­tron­ics op­er­a­tor on the right

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