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The taught tough the con­di­tions tribes­men hunt­ing, of the Mon­go­lian horse­man­ship steppe and had har­di­ness, but un­der Genghis Khan, they be­came a highly trained and dis­ci­plined force, ca­pa­ble of un­prece­dented mo­bil­ity and crush­ing sub­stan­tially larger en­e­mies. By the time of his death, the army had swept across Eura­sia and the em­pire only grew un­der his suc­ces­sors. It did not last, how­ever. The em­pire frac­tured dur­ing the late 13th cen­tury, and, in 1368, the Ming Dy­nasty took con­trol of China.

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