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Af­ter Mar­cus Ju­nius Bru­tus and his co-con­spir­a­tors un­am­bigu­ously made the point 23 times) for Julius Cae­sar to be­ware the Ides of March, they hoped peace would come to Rome. They were wrong. Pub­lic out­rage at Cae­sar’s mur­der forced Bru­tus to flee, along with Cas­sius, and the repub­lic plunged into yet an­other civil war. Fu­ture em­peror Oc­ta­vian and Mark Antony joined forces and crushed the as­sas­sins’ armies at the two Bat­tles of Philippi. Cas­sius com­mit­ted sui­cide af­ter the first, Bru­tus af­ter the se­cond. Al­legedly, he ran into his sword be­ing held by two men. At least he got stabbed in the front.

FAIL, CAE­SAR To­gas didn’t have pock­ets, so where did Cae­sar’s as­sas­sins hide the knives?

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