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Renowned Leonardo artist. Born da as in Vinci one 1452 of was in the Florence, a world’s sculp­tor, he great­est en­gi­neer be­gan his Re­nais­sance and ca­reer sci­en­tist as minds, an as ap­pren­tice well as an to An­drea del Ver­roc­chio, from whom he learned the dis­ci­pline of paint­ing. Ac­cepted into the painter’s guild in 1472, da Vinci de­vel­oped an in­ter­est in me­chan­ics, creat­ing tech­ni­cal sketches of weaponry. By the age of 30, da Vinci was work­ing for Duke Lu­dovico Sforza in Mi­lan as his painter and en­gi­neer. He would spend 17 years in the city, ad­vis­ing on ev­ery­thing from hy­draulics to the city’s lay­out. It was here that he cre­ated one of his most fa­mous works for the Santa Maria delle Gra­zie – ‘The Last Sup­per’. As well as ma­chines, da Vinci was fas­ci­nated with the hu­man body – creat­ing his anatom­i­cal master­piece ‘Vitru­vian Man’ in 1490. His work at­tracted the at­ten­tion of Fran­cis I of France, and he spent the last years of his life as an hon­oured guest with the ti­tle ‘First painter, ar­chi­tect, and en­gi­neer to the King’.

ABOVE: The ‘Vitru­vian Man’ out­lines the ideal pro­por­tions of the body

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