History Revealed - - MONA LISA -

It’s one of the most fa­mous paint­ings in the world, so it’s lit­tle sur­prise that oth­ers have taken to reimag­in­ing the Mona Lisa anew. These are among the most eye-catch­ing

1. Blown up to 50 times the size of the orig­i­nal at a shop­ping cen­tre in Wrex­ham 2. Ren­dered in raw ba­con 3. A Sal­vador Dali-in­spired mon­tage by Phillipe Hals­man 4. As­sem­bled from more than 150 slices of toast 5. Minia­ture so small it fits in an eye of the orig­i­nal 6. The Mona Lisa waves as she is stolen from the Lou­vre 7. In Lego 8. Pixel­lated street art in Paris 9. As a 6,239-point dot-todot draw­ing 10. With a vi­brant paint job, also in Paris 11. As a fash­ion icon, on a Louis Vuit­ton bag

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