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“No grave upon the Earth shall clip in it a pair so fa­mous,” eu­lo­gised Shakespeare about the shared rest­ing place of Antony and Cleopa­tra. But the Bard wasn’t clear on this grave’s lo­ca­tion, and his­tor­i­cal record isn’t ei­ther.

Plutarch and Sue­to­nius wrote that af­ter Oc­ta­vian de­feated the two lovers – lead­ing to Cleopa­tra’s leg­endary en­counter with the asp in 30 BC – he al­lowed them to be buried to­gether. Nei­ther wrote down where, but a decade of ex­ca­va­tions at the tem­ple of Ta­posiris Magna, west of Alexan­dria, hopes to re­veal the an­swer.

Do­mini­can ar­chae­ol­o­gist Kathleen Martinez, with the help of famed Egyp­tol­o­gist Zahi Hawass, has found coins minted by Cleopa­tra and an al­abaster bust of the his­toric beauty. It is not con­clu­sive proof, but a tan­ta­lis­ing piece of the mil­len­nia-old puz­zle.

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