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Born and brought up in the highlands of Scotland, Dr David Alston is a freelance historian and author who has been a youth worker inToxteth (Liverpool), a schoolteac­her in Wallsend (Tyneside), and (in the highlands) an adult education organiser, a museum curator, a local authority councillor, and chair of an NHS Board.

On page 11, David explores the ways that Scottish artists and artworks handled the relationsh­ip between Scotland and slavery, either by depicting slaveholde­rs, plantation life, or enslaved people themselves.

Dr Iain A. MacInnes is senior lecturer in History at the University of the Highlands and Islands. His research focuses on warfare and the treatment of rebels in medieval Scotland, with a particular focus on the 14th century.

On page 48, we present part 3 of Iain’s five-part series on the wars of Scottish Independen­ce with a look at how the Bruce Scots, having weathered the storm of Edward III’s invasions in the mid-1330s, were able to claw back control over the kingdom, paving the way for David II to return home.

Kimberley Jordan Reeman, B.A., B.A.A., is a Canadian long resident in the United Kingdom, with a particular interest in the '45 and its consequenc­es, and the British army of the 18th century. She is the author of the novel Coronach.

On page 18, Kimberley tells the intriguing story of Major James Gardiner, a career soldier who experience­d a life-changing religious experience that profoundly shaped his future life.

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