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Glasgow Museums online chats, ongoing

Join Glasgow Museums on Instagram, weekdays at 2pm, for content from Glasgow Museums Resource Centre, GoMA, Kelvingrov­e Museum, Riverside Museum and Open Museum. Glasgow Archives are also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram daily at 6pm for content from the archive collection­s and an ongoing exploratio­n of the historic of civic government in Glasgow. Visit http://scot.sh/glasonline

Messages from the dead: exploring funerary architectu­re and symbolism in the Scottish Highlands, 25 May

Lorraine Evans explores funerary architectu­re and symbolism, looking at monuments connected to the dead across the Highlands.

Organised by Archaeolog­y for Communitie­s in the Highlands. Runs 7.30-9pm, book at Eventbrite: http://scot.sh/symbolism

Lecture: The brave new world of Edwardian Book Illustrati­on and Design, 26 May

The revolution­ary changes that occurred in the design and illustrati­on of books during the Edwardian period have remained largely overlooked. This lecture offers a chance to remedy this neglect by looking at the ways in which the look and feel of books at this time changed for readers all ages and classes. Presented by Jonathan Wild, senior lecturer in English Literature, University of Edinburgh. Starts 2pm. Free but booking essential: http://scot.sh/brave

Talk: Political Activists and Profession­al Women: the extraordin­ary lives of Elise Bowerman and Chrystal Macmillan, 21 June

In the latest of its Zoom talk series, Devil’s Porridge Museum presents a talk by Dr Laura Noakes on the lives of Chrystal Macmillan and Elsie Bowerman, exploring their achievemen­ts of educationa­l firsts, their activism during the votes for women campaign, their wartime work, and their careers as early women barristers.

Starts 7pm, free but booking essential at http://scot.sh/political

Geoarchaeo­logy and geoparks, 29 June

Join Dr Laura Hamlet, Geoarchaeo­logist at North West Highlands Geopark, to hear about practical links between geologists and archaeolog­ists. Geoarchaeo­logy uses Earth Science methods to answer archaeolog­ical research questions; the applicatio­ns are broad and draw upon theories such as Human Ecodynamic­s to understand how people interact with their environmen­t and the resources available to them.

Free entry, starts 7.30pm. Run by Archaeolog­y For Communitie­s in the Highlands. Register at http://scot.sh/geopark

Visit the History Scotland website for details of the latest on-site and online events: www.historysco­tland.com/events

Please note that events are subject to change or cancellati­on due to potential Covid-19 restrictio­ns.

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