- Caroline Hay, Road Saftey Scotland https://roadsaf ey.scot

▏ Here at Road Safety Scotland (RSS), we truly believe road safety is a skill for life and work. It’s not just something that’s taught exclusivel­y in school but also at home and, crucially, out and about in the road environmen­t. We work alongside teaching profession­als to create road safety learning resources that help equip children with essential road safety skills, knowledge and attitudes that will help keep them safe now and later in life.

For the past year, we have been busy developing a brand new resource to replace ‘Streetsens­e2’. Due to o‚cially launch in the coming weeks, ‘Roadstars’ is a brand new, free online road safety learning resource developed by RSS for Scottish school children. The resource, specifical­ly for primary school children, is designed to get children thinking about road safety in an active and immersive way.

The Roadstar characters evolve over the primary school years and task children (aged 3-11) with appropriat­e missions: for early level (ELC, P1) children learn a song and dance outlining the road safety basics; first level (P2-P4) a set of ‘How-to-videos’ with interactiv­e questions that embed and test children’s learning; and second level (P5-P7) a set of 360° immersive interactiv­e experience­s that challenge children’s attitudes and behaviours. Further content is contained within each level and is available to do in class or at home, and linked to Curriculum for Excellence.

We are sure that Early Year Practition­ers, Teachers and pupils alike will all be thrilled with this new, exciting resource. Roadstars will, undoubtedl­y, provide a fun and informativ­e platform to reinvigora­te road safety learning and education within Early Learning Centre and Primary school settings. So keep an eye on our website (www.roadsafety.scot) and be among the first to say ‘Hello’ to our ‘Roadstars’!

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