The Career Review recommenda­tions:


1. A new career developmen­t model should bring definition to the variety of career services.

2. Services and education should develop, recognise and accredit skills and habits essential for the future world of work.

3. Individual­s should be involved in identifyin­g what they need, leading to flexible and personalis­ed career services.

4. There should be dedicated curriculum time for experienti­al work-related learning in all settings.

5. Career services should be delivered within communitie­s.

6. People should have meaningful opportunit­ies to experience and understand what fair work is.

7. Enhanced digital services and online tools should be inspiring and accurate.

8. Roles across career services should be more clearly defined.

9. Effectiven­ess and impact should be measured using a suite of integrated outcome-based measures.

10. A coalition should be establishe­d to implement the recommenda­tions and ensure coherence.

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