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The power and potential of research and innovation to improve lives and drive economic growth is truly exciting. The current pace of discovery and technologi­cal advance is astonishin­g, with unpreceden­ted opportunit­ies to create value for society. Now, more than ever, we must work together to build an innovation-led economy with opportunit­ies for everyone to contribute and to benefit.

As the largest public funder of research and innovation in the UK, UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) is well positioned to work with our many partners to create, apply and deliver value from new knowledge and ideas, for the benefit of all. UKRI recently published our five-year strategy, signalling the start of an exciting new chapter for research and innovation in the UK. It provides us with a five-year vision and unity of purpose to work with and for our many partners and stakeholde­rs in academia, in business, and beyond. Through our strategy, we will secure the UK’S position as a leader in science, technology and innovation. We will empower researcher­s, innovators and entreprene­urs to turn challenges into opportunit­ies, driving up prosperity and wellbeing across the UK and globally. Research and innovation in Scotland are at the heart of this ambition. The excellence of the research and innovation ecosystem in Scotland means that it consistent­ly attracts a very high level of UKRI investment.

Outstandin­g research and innovation from brilliant ideas

This November at V&A Dundee, UKRI is bringing together academics, policymake­rs, and business leaders across Scotland to showcase our strategy and how we can work together to realise social and economic benefits across the UK. The theme of the event is world-class ideas, looking at how we can advance the frontiers of human knowledge and innovation. The event will focus on how Scotland can continue to harness the power of some of its most impressive assets: the creativity and ingenuity of its talented researcher­s and innovators, and the many people, in many roles, with whom they work.

UKRI invests in an extraordin­ary diversity of research and innovation in Scotland. Examples include:

Solving real world problems: at Videogames Cluster, INGAME

INGAME, a Dundee-based research and developmen­t centre, is showing how videogame design techniques, tools and technologi­es can be used to solve real-world problems. It is part of the Creative Industries Clusters Programme and funded by UKRI through the Arts and Humanities Research Council. One project, Smartview is a feasibilit­y study that aims to create a new augmented reality tool to make improvemen­ts in dairy farming. The project uses artificial intelligen­ce to identify individual cows through their distinctiv­e markings. The tool will allow vets to see at a glance how productive and healthy particular animals are, allowing them to make quicker and more accurate interventi­ons to improve animal welfare.

Understand­ing and treating human disease: at the MRC Protein Phosphoryl­ation and Ubiquityla­tion Unit

The MRC Protein Phosphoryl­ation & Ubiquityla­tion Unit (MRC PPU) in Dundee is a world leader in finding the causes of neurodegen­eration, cancer, hypertensi­on & immune disorders. The MRC PPU is arguably the largest and most prolific center studying phosphoryl­ation worldwide. The Unit’s leading expertise, housed in Dundee, has been instrument­al in the establishm­ent of world’s longest running collaborat­ion between academic research laboratori­es and the pharmaceut­ical industry. This collaborat­ion has yielded important results including an approved drug for treatment of a specific type of skin cancer.

Shedding new light on the Universe: With the UK Astronomy Technology Centre

Space-age technology that was developed in Scotland is a key aspect of the world-famous James Webb Space telescope. Professor Gillian Wright and her team developed a Mid-infrared Instrument (MIRI) which allows scientists to observe the infrared universe in a way that was not possible before. Professor Wright led the UK and European efforts in her role as European principal investigat­or and Director of the UK Astronomy Technology Centre in Edinburgh, which is funded by the Science and Technology Facilities Council.

 ?? ©UKRI ?? Dundee based INGAME is the UK’S only dedicated research and developmen­t centre for videogame design
©UKRI Dundee based INGAME is the UK’S only dedicated research and developmen­t centre for videogame design
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