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EThe grow-your-own movement is now bigger than ever, and living seasonally, sustainabl­y and locally has become a true passion for many. With this in mind, we commission­ed two of our best-trusted contributo­rs, food stylist and writer Alice Hart and photograph­er Emma Lee, to create our From Garden to Table story – a fabulous summer lunch made from vegetables commonly grown in British gardens. Although produced during lockdown and with strict social-distancing guidelines, it sings of dreamy barefoot days in the sunshine with family. Another movement accelerate­d by months of isolation is craft, as this period has reinforced the importance of creativity. So we came up with our own take on ‘how-to’ pages. Executive editor Kate French approached a talented team of experts in their fields and asked them to come up with projects just for us, from contempora­ry quilt-making to seaweed pressing. Even I, a self-declared mageirocop­hobe (that’s someone with a fear of cooking!), am tempted to give sourdough a try thanks to stylist Linda Sofia Ring’s bread. Block printer Molly Mahon, illustrato­r Susannah Garrod and florist Willow Crossley also created inspiring instructio­nal videos; find these on our website. Times have been tricky, and we may not be through it yet, but I hope this issue takes you closer to a productive, nourishing September.

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