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How our spaces should look and feel, according to designer Martin Brudnizki


Q How would you describe what a modern bathroom should be?

The bathroom has fast become more than just a room where we wash, but an extension of our living area, a place we can relax in and enjoy, evolving very much like the kitchen did years ago. As such, it’s important to consider how this room functions around your life – try placing the vanity unit, a comfortabl­e armchair and a large bath in one area, while creating a more private space for the shower and loo.

Q How should a bathroom feel?

It’s the most private space in the home, so it needs to connect with the user, but then having too many personal belongings can seem odd in a bathroom. You need to feel comfortabl­e, but also clean and protected. As well as seating, plants and artwork all contribute to creating a homely feel without over cluttering.

Q When creating a bathroom, what factors should you consider?

Maximise the view from the window. There’s nothing better than sitting in the tub and looking out across a vista. It’s important to design a space that is easy to maintain, as it’s used every day, and storage is vital – try to incorporat­e accessible yet concealed places for toiletries.

Q What’s your favourite bathroom material?

Marble is a must. It’s wonderfull­y serene while also having a monumental feel – use it for vanity units.

Q How would you work with marble in the bathroom?

People are turning to the past more and more, and when you look at Roman baths or Renaissanc­e palazzos, the marble or terrazzo was always coloured and chunky. Modernise it by contrastin­g coloured stone with simple white walls.

Q What role does colour play in a stylish bathroom?

Colour can be nice, but the overarchin­g theme must be light and fresh. It’s important to use pale tones and shades; I’m thinking Brimstone, Bleu Turc, Olympian Green, Lavender or Rose by Edward Bulmer. If full colour feels scary, then borders in an interestin­g tile create a good accent.

Q How do you deal with lighting in the bathroom?

It is extreme – either very bright so you can see your face properly in the morning, or low and moody for those candlelit baths. Avoid centred recessed downlights as they’re too harsh; use pendants or walls lights and ensure you have a dimmer in an easy-to-reach place.

Q Which are your most talked-about projects?

Probably spaces at Annabel’s club in London – in the ladies’ Powder Room we covered the ceiling in silk flowers. In The Mews House there we used floor-to-ceiling jungle-patterned mosaic, complete with a crocodile-shaped double basin in green onyx.

Q What’s your own bathroom like?

Actually very simple – white marble tiles with contrastin­g hexagon and subway-style shapes. I use Euromarble for natural stones, which has access to the best quarries in Europe, and Balineum for tiles.

Q What are your go-to bathroom brands?

Drummonds is a wonderful company, and great for modern versions of the classic British bathroom look. I’ve designed pieces for them and use them in all of my projects.



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