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- Rowan Macgregor @rowan_macgregor

Can you tell us about your background?

I grew up in Hampshire, Germany and Wales before studying archaeolog­y at Bristol University. After that I worked for 10 years in libraries, archives and in university administra­tion before having my eureka moment and starting to make delicate botanical wreaths out of copper. I made and sold my work for five years while still working full-time at a university, before becoming fully self-employed a year ago. I also sell hand-painted eggs every spring, create illustrate­d maps and dabble in ceramics.

Where do you look for inspiratio­n?

Nature. I love walking and a lot of my ideas come to me while

I’m on a hike. I don’t think there’s anything as beautiful as a hedgerow and I take lots of pictures and collect leaves and seed heads to study later. I want my wreaths to look like a small section of a hedgerow – tangled and delicate.

What is it you love most about what you do?

I have always loved making things and I feel thrilled when I have a new idea or a new piece is coming together. I love the medium I work in – copper is warm and versatile and I adore how it reflects the light.

Can you recommend any other creative that we should know about?

I love @amanda.slades. studio’s wild yet delicate paintings inspired by the Cornish landscape. @tamsinthes­hed creates magical stained-glass paintings. I’d like to own one of @britagrans­trom charming paintings one day and also a ceramic by @judith_rowe_pottery.

If you weren’t an artist, what was plan B?

I studied archaeolog­y and worked in archives for a while so would probably have pursued that – I always dreamed of conserving ancient manuscript­s.

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