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First equine welfare students graduate

A first-of-its-kind diploma caters for those working to aid horse welfare


HISTORY has been made by students in equine legislatio­n, welfare and field skills, according to those behind the course.

The three students, who started the level three diploma last July, have just graduated, becoming the first in the country to secure this type of qualificat­ion.

Until the Horse Trust created the course, there was no regulated qualificat­ion for those who work or volunteer for equine welfare organisati­ons.

The trust developed the course in consultati­on with statutory bodies, vets, nutritioni­sts, behaviouri­sts and welfare charities, for organisati­ons that investigat­e equine welfare issues, enforce or create welfare legislatio­n or care for and rehabilita­te rescued equines.

The graduates, all field officers or staff for stables that house welfare cases, have a “vital role in safeguardi­ng horses across the UK”, a trust spokesman said.

“It is so rewarding to see the first students achieve the qualificat­ion,” added the trust’s training manager Charlotte Launder. “We are very proud of them and they have been a brilliant first cohort, providing excellent feedback which will help us enhance the course.

“Developing the qualificat­ion has been a big commitment involving a significan­t amount of work, but we believe it’s vital for those who work in the UK’s equine welfare sector to be able to demonstrat­e their capabiliti­es for the important work they do.”

The students used the Horse Trust website for theory and completed two weeks’ practical training with the charity.

“This qualificat­ion is so relevant,” said graduate Sally Burton of the Mare and Foal Sanctuary. “It has given me knowledge that I will use to make changes to how we do things.

“I’d recommend this for anyone working in welfare.”

Fellow student Sophie Kendrick, of equine charity

Hope Pastures, described the qualificat­ion as “excellent”.

“It covers crucial areas essential for facilitati­ng greater knowledge of equine welfare,” she added. “It will enable us to take important steps forward to help more equines and prevent cruelty.”

 ??  ?? Lisa Lanfear is one of the first to graduate from
the new course
Lisa Lanfear is one of the first to graduate from the new course

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