An op­tion for any riders in­jured by un­traced driv­ers

Mo­tor In­sur­ers’ Bu­reau can also help if driv­ers are not in­sured

Horse & Hound - - News Insider - By ELEANOR JONES

RIDERS have been urged to take ad­van­tage of the Mo­tor In­sur­ers’ Bu­reau (MIB) should they ever be in­jured in an ac­ci­dent.

Rider Claire Berry-Jones’ case with the MIB, which han­dles claims against unin­sured and un­traced driv­ers, was set­tled on 14 Novem­ber for £12,775 in com­pen­sa­tion for in­juries she suf­fered in De­cem­ber 2013.

Claire was knocked over and tram­pled by her two-year-old cob, whom she was lead­ing on a road in 2013, af­ter he was spooked by a speed­ing car. She suf­fered con­cus­sion and in­juries that pre­vent her from work­ing as much as she did be­fore, and had to un­dergo coun­selling to en­able her to ride again.

The driver, whom Claire said saw the in­ci­dent, did not stop, but Hanna Camp­bell of HorseSolic­i­tor took on the case.

“I’m keen to get the mes­sage out; I don’t think many riders are aware of the MIB,” Ms Camp­bell told H&H. “I think if peo­ple don’t catch the num­ber­plate, they think they can’t pur­sue a claim.”

Ms Camp­bell said if there is an iden­ti­fi­able driver, claims will be sub­mit­ted to his or her in­sur­ers.

“But if the per­son re­spon­si­ble has fled the scene or isn’t in­sured, the MIB is there to com­pen­sate vic­tims of in­ci­dents if they’ve sus­tained in­juries,” she added.

“I want to raise aware­ness and in­crease ac­cess to jus­tice for riders. I’m a rider and when I set up this firm, that was the ethic; it’s im­por­tant to me.”

Ms Camp­bell said Claire’s case took time as med­i­cal ex­perts needed to es­tab­lish the long-term ef­fects of her in­juries, but many cases are set­tled more quickly.

Claire told H&H: “It’s taken a long time but [the com­pen­sa­tion] will help with my horse. It’s def­i­nitely worth con­tact­ing

Hanna or the MIB if you’ve had an ac­ci­dent; peo­ple shouldn’t be able to get away with things like this.”

A spokesper­son for the MIB said there are an es­ti­mated one mil­lion unin­sured driv­ers in Bri­tain, and unin­sured and un­traced mo­torists kill 120 and in­jure 29,000 peo­ple ev­ery year.

“Unin­sured and ‘hit-and-run’ driv­ing is a na­tion­wide prob­lem that se­ri­ously af­fects the lives of in­no­cent peo­ple,” she told H&H. “Vic­tims can seek com­pen­sa­tion from MIB as our role is to give them the means to get their lives back on track. We re­ceive thou­sands of claims ev­ery year; the an­nual cost of com­pen­sa­tion is nearly £300m, which is funded by the mo­tor in­sur­ance pre­mi­ums of all law-abid­ing mo­torists.”

Riders can con­tact the bu­reau if they are in­jured in in­ci­dents in­volv­ing un­traced or unin­sured driv­ers

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