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Make sure you are be­ing clear in the tran­si­tions by us­ing the cor­rect aids and sit­ting straight in your body. Avoid tip­ping to the in­side or out­side.

Fo­cus on the qual­ity of the can­ter. To gain more im­pul­sion your horse must be go­ing in a bal­anced, rhyth­mi­cal way while be­ing re­ac­tive to your aids.

If your horse falls to the in­side of the cir­cle, use more in­side leg to sup­port him and try some tran­si­tions on a straight line to cor­rect him.

Check that the con­nec­tion in the rein con­tact doesn’t change dur­ing the tran­si­tion. He may need ad­just­ing, through the use of a give and re­take or even a scratch on the wither, to help him stay in bal­ance.

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