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ALTHOUGH a fire de­stroyed records that con­firm the ex­act date the pack was founded, the pedi­grees in the Fox­hound Stud Book are trace­able back to 1760. Owned solely by the Fitzwilliam fam­ily, whose cur­rent rep­re­sen­ta­tive is Sir Philip Nay­lor-Ley­land Bt MFH, the Fitzwilliam hounds have al­ways been ken­nelled at Mil­ton Park. Hav­ing oc­cu­pied Mil­ton since 1502, it is un­der­stood the fam­ily would have had hounds to hunt the hare prior to this.

Ever since an 18th-cen­tury Earl Fitzwilliam was un­able to find a re­place­ment for a snapped leather, the hunt staff uniquely wear a stir­rup leather across their shoul­der, as well as their dis­tinc­tive green col­lar.

The largely arable coun­try cov­ers an area of ap­prox­i­mately

600 square miles, from Stam­ford in the north, to Higham Fer­rers in the south. With over 800 farm­ers, the hunt “con­sid­ers it­self lucky to be able to hunt over their land and is very grate­ful for the sup­port it en­joys”.

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