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IN response to Helen Sawyer’s letter (24 September) about the number of donkeys in sanctuarie­s, they are still perceived as a lowvalue animal, who can be ignored and left to fend for themselves.

There are far too many people who, with the best of intentions, take on donkeys and keep them as they would a pony. It does not occur to them to investigat­e the needs of this species, so the poor donkeys inevitably pay the price.

The Donkey Breed Society is a UK-registered charity that seeks to educate people regarding donkeys, their potential uses and their welfare needs. We are not a sanctuary, we are all about improving the lot of donkeys, primarily in the UK. We educate the public and encourage owners to work with their donkeys, giving them a fulfilled life with the right end-of-life care.

A good proportion of donkey owners are in their midlife and, recognisin­g that their donkey will ultimately live longer than they, prefer them to go to a sanctuary with a secure future rather than be sold on to an uncertain one. Many donkeys in sanctuarie­s are not what would be considered “rescues” in the traditiona­l sense.

Carole Travell, chairman, Donkey Breed Society

 ??  ?? Note that the welfare needs of a donkey differ to those of a pony
Note that the welfare needs of a donkey differ to those of a pony

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