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“Given an inch, he’ll tank off ”


POLO ponies can sometimes be a little bland, according to British player and H&H polo correspond­ent Aurora Eastwood, yet her old-timer Cuervo continues to buck the trend.

“He’s always been bouncy, but he gets more bonkers with age,” she says of the 22-year-old Argentinia­n-bred gelding (pictured below, left), whose devil-may-care approach took him to the top in polo and made for some high-octane days on the hunting field. “When you ride him, he feels like he’ll explode – pogoing on the spot, prancing sideways and snorting fire. Given an inch, he’ll tank off.

“At home, Cuervo gallops across the field at 1,000mph before sliding to a stop in front of me,” adds Aurora. “His party trick is chasing a new horse in his paddock through the fence, and he can hook his ear under his lead-rope to prise off his bridle in seconds.

“I only play arena polo with him now, on a softer surface, but he’s still an absolute weapon. He’ll take you right to where the action is, leaping around as if he was four. He’s epic.”

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