Horse & Hound



RECENTLY, when driving on a rural road on a bright, sunny day, the car behind prepared to overtake me, safely and in an appropriat­e place. Luckily, some movement caught my eye, so I slowed and put on my hazard warning lights.

On the other side of the road, in the shadows under some trees, were two dark bay horses with their riders wearing dark colours. They were totally invisible less than 15 metres away, on a clear day, on a straight road. Had I been overtaken, there was a high probabilit­y that horses and riders would have been hit, even though they were in single file and were aware of the traffic. The riders politely thanked me for slowing.

Had they been wearing hi-vis,

I would have spotted them and the driver behind me would have seen them from a distance. Disaster was avoided this time, by luck. Please wear hi-vis when riding on any roads, regardless of weather or season.

Clare Hall Cirenceste­r, Glos

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