Horse & Hound

A natural filter


THE respirator­y system prevents harmful substances entering a horse’s lungs…

1 Hairs inside the nostrils obstruct larger particles.

2 Humidifica­tion in the nasal sinuses and pharynx moistens particles, making them heavier and stickier.

3 The conchal sinuses generate a swirling airflow that drives medium-sized particles into the mucuscover­ed sinus linings.

4 In the pharynx, which acts as a holding chamber where air pauses between each breath, particles sink or spread to the sides and become trapped by mucus.

5 The trachea (windpipe) speeds up airflow. This sweeps remaining particles on to its mucus-covered sides, where multiple cilia

(tiny hairs) transport them back up to the pharynx to be swallowed or snorted away.

If a horse is placed in an environmen­t that overwhelms this natural filtering, airway inflammati­on and mucus accumulati­on can result.

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