Horse & Hound

Groom Stacey Greenshiel­d


“HE’S complex! He keeps us on our toes and has to get to know you before he trusts you – he’s a sensitive soul, you couldn’t tell him off. He’s scared of the farrier and he remembers who they are, so that’s tricky. He also goes through phases with his food, he’s very fussy. He has his own pen in the field, but if he’s in one of his moods, he’ll only let Tina [Fletcher] or me catch him.

“Iona Quigley looks after him at most shows and he likes to catch you out – he’ll be stood like a donkey at the side of the ring, then the music will start and he’ll spin round in circles, buck or just generally lose his mind and you think, ‘Where did that come from?’ Looks are deceiving with him – he looks like an old man but he’s very funny, just a ball of personalit­y.”

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