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Showing judge Stuart Hollings talks about his early penchant for coloured ponies

The judge on choosing gin over plants and his early penchant for coloured ponies


Which famous people would you invite to dinner?

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Sir

Ian McKellen, Bryan Ferry and former head of MI5 Dame Stella Rimington. It’s interestin­g to leave the showing bubble on occasions and socialise with people outside the equestrian community.

What was your first pony?

A skewbald mare called Candy. I used to hack her to shows held in Witton Park in the 1960s and Simon Charleswor­th’s mother, Andrea, still teases me about this. My response is that I must have been well ahead of the times, given the popularity of today’s coloured classes. If not involved in showing, what would you be?

Having contribute­d to Horse & Hound magazine for 35 years, I appreciate the importance of the editing process. I’d have enjoyed a job in film or television editing.

What’s your favourite holiday?

I’m a huge Cunard (cruise) fan and have experience­d what I consider is the “best of both worlds” holiday option many times – visiting a variety of destinatio­ns from a floating five-star hotel.

Your worst and best traits?

Apparently, I often go off at a tangent during conversati­on and sometimes do not return to the original topic, which can be confusing for everyone. I always manage to see the funny side of a situation though.

What do you love to cook?

I prefer to eat than cook. My meals are often blessed by St Michael – courtesy of M&S!

What was the last book you read?

I read Alan Bennett’s Untold Stories again during lockdown. I’ve also enjoyed watching his Talking Heads monologues on BBC1 over the summer.

Favourite tunes for a road trip?

I enjoy listening to an eclectic mix of music in the car when travelling to shows to judge and report. Recently I’ve been adding tracks from my teenage years – by Roxy Music and Motown.


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