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PAINT To work out how many litres of paint you’ll need, mul­ti­ply the height and width of each wall, sub­tract the ar­eas for doors and win­dows and mul­ti­ply the to­tal square me­ter­age by the num­ber of coats (usu­ally two), then di­vide by the sq m/litre num­ber on the tin.

WALL­PA­PER Most wall­pa­per com­pa­nies have a cal­cu­la­tor on their web­site that will help you es­ti­mate the num­ber of rolls re­quired. But to work it out your­self mea­sure the width of each wall you want to pa­per and di­vide by 53cm (stan­dard wall­pa­per width; check your de­sign isn’t wider) to get the num­ber of drops re­quired.

To cal­cu­late the length of wall­pa­per mea­sure the height of the room and mul­ti­ply by the num­ber

of drops. An av­er­age roll of wall­pa­per is 10m so you will be able to work out how many rolls you need. Re­mem­ber to take into ac­count the pattern re­peat of the de­sign if it isn’t a straight match and al­ways add on 15 per cent to your

fi­nal length for wastage.

FAB­RIC FOR CURTAINS For stan­dard pinch-pleat curtains mea­sure the width of your pole and mul­ti­ply by 2.5 for the full­ness mea­sure­ment. Di­vide this fig­ure by the width

of your cho­sen fab­ric to get the to­tal num­ber of widths needed. Mea­sure the drop length of your curtains, adding 30cm for turn­ings and hems, and mul­ti­ply by the num­ber of widths you need to get the to­tal amount of fab­ric re­quired.

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