‘We spend a lot of time in the kitchen; new art­works al­ways end up in there’


STU­DIO Kirsty’s stu­dio is in nearby Brighton. She of­ten has up to five or six art­works in progress. She ex­plains: ‘I think of a paint­ing in terms of colour first, then tex­ture, then the sub­ject mat­ter be­comes more de­fined’

ARTIST’S PALETTE Oil paints have built up over 20 years on Kirsty’s palette, which is made from a piece of Formica work­top. ‘I love the mal­leabil­ity of oil paint be­fore it dries and its per­ma­nence after­wards,’ she says

WALL ART Al­bany’s Dew Drop was used on the walls to off­set the white plas­ter­work, car­rara mar­ble tiles and the still-life paint­ings by Luke Han­nam (above and far left) and Sarah Bow­man (left)

KITCHEN The un­usual cupola and neo-clas­si­cal plas­ter­work crown the room, where Kirsty and Robin reg­u­larly en­ter­tain. The gob­lets and flower mug are by Ray Wither, Kirsty’s mum

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