‘Burn­ing love’ with beet­root

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1kg floury pota­toes

(such as King Ed­ward or Maris Piper)

Sea salt and freshly ground

black pep­per

25g (2tbsp) salted but­ter 100ml whole milk, warmed ½tsp freshly grated nut­meg


400g smoked streaky ba­con,

finely chopped

4 onions, chopped

200g beet­root, peeled and

finely chopped

1 cel­ery stick, finely chopped Leaves from a bunch of curly

pars­ley, finely chopped

1 For the mash, peel the pota­toes and cut into big chunks. Boil them in salted wa­ter un­til ten­der. Drain, re­serv­ing some of the cooking liq­uid. Mash the pota­toes un­til they reach your pre­ferred tex­ture. Slowly add the but­ter and warm milk, stir­ring un­til the but­ter has melted, then sea­son to taste with salt, pep­per and the nut­meg. Splash in some of the re­served cooking liq­uid if you want a looser mash.

2 Mean­while, for the top­ping, fry the chopped ba­con in a fry­ing pan over a medium heat in its own fat un­til golden and crispy. Re­move from the pan us­ing a slot­ted spoon, leav­ing the fat in the pan. Add the onions, beet­root and cel­ery to the pan and fry un­til golden brown, then re­turn the ba­con and sea­son ev­ery­thing with pep­per.

3 Serve the mash with the top­ping of ba­con, beet­root, onions and cel­ery, adding a sprin­kling of chopped pars­ley.

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