Im­prove the qual­ity of the air in­side your home with green­ery that fil­ters com­mon house­hold tox­ins

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Bos­ton fern Nephrolepis ex­al­tata

‘Bos­tonien­sis’ Prob­a­bly the eas­i­est fern to grow, it has long, del­i­cate fronds. It needs good light and loves the hu­mid­ity of bath­rooms and kitchens,

or fre­quent mist­ing.

Chi­nese ev­er­green Aglaonema mod­es­tum A slow-grow­ing, broadleaved, bushy plant. The

spot­ted or var­ie­gated types need suf­fi­cient light to pro­duce the leaf pat­tern; the sin­gle-colour ver­sions are more tol­er­ant of shade. Mother-in-law’s tongue San­se­vieria tri­fas­ci­ata

var lau­ren­tii

This neat plant, with tall, spiky leaves, is prac­ti­cally in­de­struc­tible and can cope with lower light lev­els and dry­ing out be­tween wa­ter­ing.

Peace lily Spathiphyl­lum wal­lisii An at­trac­tive flow­er­ing plant with glossy leaves and white blooms. Prefers

slight shade and mod­er­ate hu­mid­ity. Keep the com­post moist. Prune the flow­ers when faded. Spi­der plant Chloro­phy­tum

co­mo­sum Pop­u­lar in the 1970s, it’s now back in vogue. It self-prop­a­gates new ‘mini-me’ plants and can take some ne­glect as longs as it gets light.

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