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James Hor­ton

For­mer HIW mem­ber James is a bio­chemist and biotech­nol­o­gist. He is cur­rently do­ing a PHD in ma­chine learn­ing and evo­lu­tion­ary the­ory.

Jo Stass

Jo has been a writer and ed­i­tor for over six years. She is par­tic­u­larly in­ter­ested in the nat­u­ral world and tech­no­log­i­cal in­no­va­tions.

Jodie Ty­ley

The for­mer Ed­i­tor of HIW and All About His­tory has tack­led many top­ics in her ca­reer, from science fic­tion to science fact and Henry VIII to honey bad­gers.

Jonathan O’callaghan

With a back­ground in astro­physics, for­mer HIW and All About Space jour­nal­ist Jonathan en­joys delv­ing into the won­ders of space.

Laura Mears

Bio­med­i­cal sci­en­tist Laura es­caped the lab to write about science and is now work­ing to­wards her PHD in com­pu­ta­tional evo­lu­tion.

Lee Cavendish

Avid stargazer Lee writes for our sis­ter mag­a­zine, All About Space, and has a de­gree in ob­ser­va­tional as­tron­omy.

Stephen Ashby

Stephen has been a writer and ed­i­tor for over seven years. He is end­lessly in­trigued by tech­nol­ogy and Earth science.

Steve Wright

Steve has worked as an ed­i­tor on many pub­li­ca­tions. He en­joys look­ing to the past, hav­ing also writ­ten for All About His­tory and His­tory Of War.

Tim Wil­liamson His­tory Of War

Ed­i­tor Tim has a pas­sion for all things mil­i­tary but stud­ies and writes about a range of his­tor­i­cal eras.

Tom Lean

Tom is a his­to­rian of science at the Bri­tish Li­brary work­ing on oral his­tory projects. His first book, Elec­tronic Dreams, was pub­lished in 2016.

Vic­to­ria Wil­liams

Evo­lu­tion­ary bi­ol­o­gist and World of An­i­mals writer Vicky is fas­ci­nated by the nat­u­ral world and hap­pi­est when she’s out­doors.

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