Build­ing wells

There are three main ways to dig for wa­ter…

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Dug wells are con­structed be­low the ground­wa­ter ta­ble us­ing a shovel. They are gen­er­ally deep­ened un­til the digger finds wa­ter is fill­ing the hole faster than they can bail it out. It is then lined with hard ma­te­rial to sup­port it.


A driven well is smaller in di­am­e­ter and built by as­sem­bling thin lengths of steel pipe. Each sec­tion – a cou­ple of me­tres long – is screwed to­gether and driven into the ground up to a depth of around nine me­tres.


A drilled well is a hole bored into the ground. A lined cas­ing is in­stalled around the up­per part of the well to pre­vent col­lapse and to stop sur­face or sub­sur­face con­tam­i­nants from en­ter­ing the wa­ter sup­ply.

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