In­side the ear

What hap­pens to our ears when we lis­ten to loud mu­sic?

How It Works - - SCIENCE -

Keep it down!

The hu­man thresh­old for hear­ing pain is 140db. Any­thing above this level of noise causes dis­com­fort.


Nerves in the in­ner ear re­spond to higher deci­bels of sound in the form of pain.


Be­fore the band be­gins to play the sound-trans­lat­ing hair-like cells are ac­tive and stand rel­a­tively straight.


Af­ter be­ing bom­barded with sound, these cells wilt and in some in­stances are dam­aged, cre­at­ing that post-party buzzing sound.

Au­di­tory nerve

The elec­tri­cal sig­nals gen­er­ated from the cochlea are car­ried to the brain via the au­di­tory nerve.


Sound vi­bra­tions are sent through the eardrum and across three bones to the cochlea.

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