PS4 Pro vs Xbox one X

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Gamers haven’t had an easy choice to make these last five years – both the Xbox One and PS4 were two of the most com­pe­tent con­soles ever seen. Both had a lot go­ing for them – new games, higher specs and a smat­ter­ing of new fea­tures – giv­ing gamers a clear rea­son to up­grade from the Xbox 360 and PS3. These se­quels, the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, are even more pow­er­ful than the orig­i­nals, chal­leng­ing gamers to pick be­tween two out­stand­ing con­soles. In terms of pure power, Xbox One X wins. Its mem­ory band­width, RAM, CPU and GPU all out­per­form PS4 Pro, and with Mid­dleearth: Shadow of War we’ve al­ready seen ev­i­dence this can have a graph­i­cal im­pact. How­ever, not ev­ery de­vel­oper will use the Xbox One X’s power to its full po­ten­tial, and at the mo­ment it seems likely there will be a lot of par­ity across the two for some time. In terms of fu­ture-proof­ing, the Xbox One X’s power makes it your best bet, but a dis­tinct lack of ex­cit­ing first-party games may make the PS4 Pro more ap­peal­ing. Af­ter all, what does draw dis­tance mat­ter if it means miss­ing out on God of War? That said, out­side of gam­ing con­tent, the Xbox One X boasts an Ul­tra-hd Blu-ray player and fan­tas­tic back­wards com­pat­i­bil­ity that will re­duce the dis­rup­tion you’d usu­ally ex­pect from mid-gen­er­a­tional up­grades. The Xbox One X also has the ben­e­fit of be­ing Microsoft’s small­est con­sole ever. How­ever, there is the mat­ter of price to con­sider. The Xbox One X is £100 / $100 more ex­pen­sive than the PS4 Pro, which may give some play­ers pause.

n n Xbox One X: £449 / $499 PS4 Pro: £349 / $399

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