what if oxy­gen dis­ap­peared for five sec­onds?

We wouldn’t suf­fo­cate but the world would be in chaos

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“Around 21 per cent of Earth’s at­mos­phere is oxy­gen”

If you’ve ever tried hold­ing your breath, you’ll know we can go a lot longer than five sec­onds without oxy­gen. But if oxy­gen dis­ap­peared the world would turn to chaos. Around 21 per cent of Earth’s at­mos­phere is oxy­gen, and without it at­mo­spheric pres­sure would drop. Our ears would pop and we’d get de­com­pres­sion sick­ness as the other gases inside our bod­ies ex­panded. Ev­ery fire would go out, com­bus­tion en­gines would stall, and cars, planes and trains would coast or crash. Plas­tic poly­mers would fall to pieces, rocks would crum­ble, and ox­ides would dis­ap­pear, cold weld­ing all metal sur­faces to­gether in an in­stant.

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