Di­am­e­ter 0.4 Earths Mass 0.02 Earths At­mos­phere Ni­tro­gen (98.4%), meth­ane (1.4%), hy­dro­gen (0.2%)

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Ti­tan is the only world in the uni­verse other than Earth that we know for cer­tain has bod­ies of liq­uid on it – in this case lakes and seas of meth­ane and eth­ane, sim­i­lar in com­po­si­tion to jet fuel. But while it might lack water, the thick at­mos­phere of this moon of Saturn, cou­pled with its Earth-like to­pog­ra­phy, makes it a tan­ta­lis­ing prospect for life. In fact, some sci­en­tists think it might be sim­i­lar to early Earth bil­lions of years ago, when life was just start­ing to arise. What’s more, Ti­tan also ap­pears to have a salty ocean be­low its sur­face. So even if the sur­face is in­hos­pitable or per­haps plays host to more ex­otic types of life, it could be that Earth-like life can sur­vive un­der­ground.

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