5 FACTS ABOUT The fu­ture of In­dian space ex­plo­ration

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1 Aditya-l1 Due to be launched around 2021, Aditya-l1 will be po­si­tioned in the grav­i­ta­tional ‘park­ing spot’ La­grangian point 1 (L1), where it will study the Sun’s pho­to­sphere, chro­mo­sphere and corona.

2 AVATAR The Aer­o­bic Ve­hi­cle for Transat­mo­spheric Hyper­sonic Aero­space Trans­porta­tion (AVATAR) is a con­cep­tual sin­gle-stage re­us­able space­plane that can per­form a hor­i­zon­tal take-off and land­ing – a unique abil­ity among space­craft.

3 Venu­sian Or­biter This pro­posed or­biter will study the at­mos­phere and sur­face of Venus and – if funded – it could see space in the early 2020s.

4 NISAR The joint project be­tween NASA and ISRO, named the NASA-ISRO Syn­thetic Aper­ture Radar (NISAR), will pro­vide the first radar imag­ing of nat­u­ral pro­cesses oc­cur­ring on Earth.

5 Mars Or­biter Mis­sion 2, or Man­galyaan 2 Af­ter the great suc­cess of the first Mars Or­biter Mis­sion – the first na­tion to reach Mars’ or­bit on its first at­tempt – there is a sec­ond in the pipe­line sched­uled for around 2022–2023. This or­biter will con­tinue to study Mars at great depth, with talks of a lan­der and rover be­ing in­volved also.

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