The dogsled team

Each dog has a spe­cific duty to keep the ca­nine con­voy mov­ing across the snow

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The musher calls out com­mands to the dogs to guide the team, ei­ther stand­ing or run­ning and push­ing the sled to give it a boost of speed.

Team dogs

The team dogs pro­vide most of the power re­quired to pull the sled, and larger teams may have sev­eral pairs of team dogs.

Bas­ket sled

The sled car­ries be­long­ings and equip­ment in a bas­ket raised from the ground to re­duce fric­tion and make it more ma­noeu­vrable.

Wheel dogs

The strong­est of the pack are the wheel dogs, and they play the big­gest role in pulling the sled.

Swing dogs

Swing dogs are re­spon­si­ble for en­sur­ing the sled team fol­low the turns made by the lead dogs.

Lead dogs

The most trusted and ex­pe­ri­enced dogs lead the team and re­spond to the musher’s com­mands to set the pace and turn in the right di­rec­tion.

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