Why can’t you reach the end of a rain­bow?

How It Works - - BRAIN DUMP - Franki Cole­man

A rain­bow is an op­ti­cal il­lu­sion, not a phys­i­cal ob­ject, so it doesn’t have a phys­i­cal end point. See­ing a rain­bow de­pends on the po­si­tion of your eyes in re­la­tion to the Sun, so as soon as you start mov­ing to­wards what you think is the end of the rain­bow, it will move out of reach or dis­ap­pear com­pletely. It’s a bit like try­ing to walk to the end of your shadow; it will move as you do.

See­ing a rain­bow de­pends on the an­gle at which sun­light hits rain­drops in the sky

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