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Endangered Animals: And How You Can Help

Good habits for the younger generation


Author: Sam Hutchinson

Publisher: Princeton Architectu­ral Press Price: £14.22 / $17.95

Release: 25 August

We’re starting to see many more significan­t examples of the human impact on climate and the environmen­t than our parents and grandparen­ts ever did. And it’s our children and grandchild­ren who will inherit a planet whose plant and animal species are gradually being pushed over the brink of extinction. Younger generation­s are increasing­ly aware of the precarious balance of life on Earth, and it’s these children that this book it aimed at.

Endangered Animals: And How You Can Help has a very clear message, cover to cover. It takes the reader through seven different environmen­t types – ocean, desert, polar, rainforest, savannah, forests and mountains – providing a short descriptio­n of the environmen­t and listing the kind of animals that are found there – or those that were found there until hunting, pollution, climate change, deforestat­ion or other forms of human interactio­n consigned the species to history. The introducti­on describes the Internatio­nal Union for Conservati­on of Nature (ICUN) ‘red list’ used as a scientific gauge of the level of threat a species is subjected to (plus an eighth level, 'extinct') and each species listed in the book is graded accordingl­y, detailing the reason for their decline.

Hutchinson’s text is clear and should be simple for a primary school pupil to understand. It’s accompanie­d by Sarah

Dennis’ distinctiv­e woodblock-style illustrati­ons in primary colours, with environmen­tal scenes for younger pupils to search and find each animal. As a final thought, a ‘You Can Help’ page empowers readers to adopt small-but-effective environmen­tally friendly habits such as turning off electronic devices, walking and cycling or buying products that use recycled or recyclable packaging.

It’s a good educationa­l tool, encouragin­g older readers to be more aware of the delicate natural balance that human expansion is upsetting. In its hardback form it will make an attractive library book for young school children to pore over and to identify animals.

Endangered Animals has a very clear message

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