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The Secret Explorers and the Comet Collision

The team are reunited for another mission


Author: S.J. King Publisher: DK Children Price: £5.99 / $5.99 Release: Out now

The Secret Explorers have been called into action, and this time it’s a space mission. Roshni, the group’s space explorer, and Ollie the rainforest explorer are needed for a trip to the Milky Way. But when will Ollie’s rainforest knowledge come into play?

As they navigate in an atmosphere unlike their own, Ollie learns all about the importance of gravity on Earth, while Roshni acts as the teacher, sharing her passion for outer space with her companion and you, the reader. Amid the fictional drama of asteroid dodging, dangerous plot twists and space probe searching you will find yourself absorbed in the fascinatin­g wonders of space and facts about the Solar System’s largest planet.

Each page displays the unfolding action through beautiful and informativ­e illustrati­ons. These help in understand­ing the energetic characters and visualisin­g each step of their escapade. This book is a suitable read for any adventurou­s young reader between the ages of seven and nine. Children are not only taught the facts of science, but the thoughtful narrative can help explain the great importance of perseveran­ce, teamwork and supporting each other.

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