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Pocket Einstein

10 short lessons in space travel


Author: Paul Parsons Publisher: Micheal O’mara Price: £9.99 / $12.74 Release: Out now

How did humans break through the clouds and journey into open space? And what could the future hold for humankind’s cosmic conquests? As part of the Pocket Einstein series, 10 Lessons in Space Travel answers those questions and more. Trying to condense the history and technologi­cal advancemen­ts of humankind’s exploratio­n of the universe must have been no easy task for author Paul Parsons. Neverthele­ss he has managed to cram the events that allowed us to reach for the stars into this insightful

pocket guide to all things space. If you’re looking to learn more about what it takes to leave Earth and what lies beyond, then this bitesize book is for you. In ten short lessons Parsons outlines the origins of space travel, game-changing discoverie­s, the inventions that let us see deep into space and the future of space tourism. Parson writes as an expert in his field while simultaneo­usly informing and entertaini­ng the reader.

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