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Discoverin­g the Earth’s extraordin­ary hidden depths


Author: Chris Fitch Publisher: Wildlife

Price: £25 (approx. $31.60) Release: 3 September

From the luminous Waitomo Glowworm Caves to the futuristic Los Angeles tunnels, Chris Fitch takes readers on a journey beneath the surface to discover undergroun­d metropolis­es of natural wonder, unearthed archaeolog­ical sites and human-made masterpiec­es. With 40 different locations around the world to discover, you might wonder if this book could get repetitive. However, nothing could be further from the truth. As a collection of short stories, Fitch enthusiast­ically reveals the science and history of each location, making it clear there is much more to a cave than you might think. Accompanie­d by stunning photograph­y and illustrati­ve maps, this book is a great way to escape from the outside world by diving into the depths of another.

A great way to escape from the outside world

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