How It Works

The Kindness of Strangers

How a selfish ape invented a new moral code


Author: Michael E. Mccullough Publisher: Oneworld Publicatio­ns Price: £20.00 / $30.00

Release: 3 September

Do you consider yourself to be kind? Whether it’s the small act of holding a door open for somebody or the significan­t, life-saving act of donating an organ, there are so many ways that our species look out for others on a daily basis. Socially we are unique and complex beings, but when did we come to be kind?

Psychologi­st Michael Mccullough has prepared an answer for you, taking you through the history and evolution from selfish ape to human. Backing up his reasoning with the work and findings of historians, psychologi­sts and other scientists, Mccullough explains how mass suffering, such as during the crises of wars, has created significan­t behavioura­l changes. Did our brains evolve to offer kindness for survival, or was it a more forced alteration?

Exploring the journey from our xenophobic ancestors to the science and technology aiding our psychology today, this book is an intriguing read for anyone interested in our social evolution and the paths that defined us.

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