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Nikole Production Editor

The marvellous Milky Way is our home galaxy – but what do we know about it? Explore it from spiral arm to centre on page 40.

Scott Staff Writer

Crocodiles are well known as one of Earth’s deadliest predators. Learn about how these ferocious reptiles hunt on page 66.

Baljeet Research Editor

On page 48 we introduce 12 lesserknow­n scientists who changed the world with their discoverie­s and inventions.

Duncan Senior Art Editor

How has a Caterpilla­r bulldozer been expertly equipped to fight bombs and bullets on the battlefiel­d? Find out on page 62.

Ailsa Staff Writer

We rely on our vision to make sense of the world, but occasional­ly our eyes deceive us. Discover optical illusions on page 30.

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