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Q1 How much gas is in an average human fart?

A thimble full A fizzy drink can full A wine bottle full A kitchen sink full

Q2 How fast does sound travel in space?

0 metres a second 343 metres a second 1,000 metres a second 300,000km a second

Q3 Which was the first rocket to take a satellite into space?

Falcon 9 Saturn V Long March 1 Sputnik

Q4 How many kilometres of nerves are in the human body?

0.6 6 60 600

Q5 Which living penguin species is biggest?

Emperor penguin Little penguin King penguin Gal√°pagos penguin

Q6 How heavy was the record-breaking crocodile Lolong?

775 kg 1,075 kg 1,775 kg 3,775 kg

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