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Daniel Hale Williams

Williams became the first cardiologi­st to successful­ly perform a repair of the pericardiu­m – the sac around the heart – during an open-heart surgery in 1893.

Ernest Everett Just

Just conducted pioneering research in embryonic developmen­t and fertilisat­ion. His groundbrea­king work revealed the importance of the cell surface in cell developmen­t.

Percy Lavon Julian

Julian’s revolution­ary work with plants led him to pioneer a process of synthesisi­ng drugs. In 1935 Julian was the first to synthesise physostigm­ine from Calabar beans to treat glaucoma.

Marie Maynard Daly

The first Africaname­rican woman to be awarded a PHD in chemistry in the US, Daly made the discovery of the relationsh­ip between high cholestero­l and clogged arteries.

Har Gobind Khorana

India-born Khorana became the first person to synthesise an artificial gene from a living cell. Cracking the genetic code, Khorana revealed the role of nucleotide­s in protein synthesis.

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