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The idea be­hind the cam­paign was to make peo­ple so de­pressed they would book two weeks in Tor­re­moli­nos in June to have some­thing to look for­ward to.

The only ex­treme weather that gets me down is gale force winds be­cause I have an ir­ra­tional be­lief that one day my roof will be blown away. If the whole house goes, I just hope we don’t end up in Kansas.

Snow, rain and cold are to be ex­pected at this time of year, as are short days with skies like shrouds, which is why T V chan­nels screen pro­grammes like Death In Par­adise in Jan­uary. My sun­shine back-up is a box-set of Tom Sel­leck’s Mag­num PI. The Caribbean or Hawaii, take your choice.

Back on home front re­al­ity, you al­ways get the oc­ca­sional crisp sunny day, in and among the dour, to re­mind you spring re­ally is just around the cor­ner.

It may be a long, slow cor­ner, but it’s on its way. Trust me, I’m an op­ti­mist.

RA­DIO en­ergy bursts from deep space could be ev­i­dence of alien life us­ing tech­nol­ogy far more ad­vanced than our own. That’s the opin­ion of Pro­fes­sor Avi Loeb of the Har­vard Smith­so­nian Cen­tre for Astro­physics in the US.

He stated his case after FRBs (Fast Ra­dio Bursts) were recorded from bil­lions of light years away. Pre­vi­ously, he and fel­low Har­vard aca­demic Manasvi

Lingam, have spec­u­lated FRBs could be caused by an en­ergy source pow­er­ing in­ter­stel­lar space­ships that are 20 times big­ger than the largest ocean-go­ing cruise ship ever built.

“That’s big enough to carry liv­ing pas­sen­gers across in­ter­stel­lar or even in­ter­ga­lac­tic dis­tances,” Lingam has said.

It is all fas­ci­nat­ing spec­u­la­tion, but we know there must be life out there. Will it come as tourists, set­tlers, in­vaders or cu­ri­ous ex­plor­ers? I think it’s more likely they will take one look at the mess we’ve made of this planet and keep on go­ing.

Es­cape Jan­uary with Ardal O’Han­lon in Death in Par­adise

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