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Drunk woman hit partner with bottle

- By EMMA DAVISON @EmmaDaviso­n10

A WOMAN hit her partner on the head with a glass bottle in a drunken row following a funeral.

The victim was repeatedly assaulted by Chantelle Coulter and bled so heavily he felt dizzy.

It was claimed that he ‘knew which buttons to press’ to anger her but Coulter, 32, admitted she needs help controllin­g her temper.

She pleaded guilty to assault occasionin­g actual bodily harm when she appeared at Kirklees Magistrate­s’ Court.

Prosecutor Jess Lister said that the attack happened at the couple’s home in Luck Lane, Marsh, in the early hours of November 16 last year.

She told magistrate­s that on the day the couple went to a funeral together.

Following that they went to a pub and drank throughout the afternoon and evening, finally returning home at 1.30am.

They argued and Coulter became increasing­ly annoyed and argumentat­ive.

Miss Lister said: “She began throwing things around the house and broke a number of items, including glass.

“She was lunging towards the complainan­t, causing scratches on his neck and he decided to lock himself in the bedroom in the hope that she would calm down.

“When he left she was in the living room and threw a glass bottle at him, hitting his forehead and causing cuts and bleeding.”

The victim physically removed Coulter from the house but she then convinced him to let her back in. She was still aggressive and began throwing things around again before locking herself in the bedroom and climbing out of the window.

Coulter then attempted to get back into the house a second time but he refused her entry and called police.

The “sustained and repeated assault” went on for 30 minutes following which the victim was taken to hospital by ambulance.

Miss Lister added: “A glass bottle was used to inflict injury and the victim was bleeding so much he felt dizzy.”

Sonia Kidd, mitigating, said that her client was upset following the funeral of her friend and her partner told her to calm down.

She told magistrate­s: “He knows which buttons to press; they had both been drinking and when they do drink an argument will ensue.

“She accepts she threw things around the house and broke glass.

“She didn’t throw the bottle deliberate­ly.

“She was mimicking throwing it and that’s when it left her hand unintentio­nally.

“He (the victim) bleeds a lot but it (his injury) also repairs itself quickly.

“When they have a drink there are volatiliti­es within their relationsh­ip.

“The complainan­t knows which triggers to use to cause her frustratio­ns and she responds to these triggers.

“She’s asking for assistance to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”

Magistrate­s asked for a full presentenc­e report prior to Coulter’s sentencing.

This will take place on May 8 and she was granted unconditio­nal bail.

 ??  ?? Chantelle Coulter
Chantelle Coulter
 ??  ?? The attack happened at the couple’s home in Luck Lane, Marsh
The attack happened at the couple’s home in Luck Lane, Marsh

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