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Climate protests are fine but what of food waste?


You will see the same discussion on town centres from Wakefield, York, Stockport and many others. Government policy is reducing funding to councils by 67% SO FAR! Councils are struggling to make up the shortfall by increasing parking charges, rates, sell-offs etc. Allowing online retailers to operate on low or minimal taxation is not a level playing field for shop-based retail. National problems. I feel for the staff. Many have been there for so, so long. They remember my twins being born nearly 17 years ago and still ask about them.


49. JESUS once said of the Pharisees that they “strained out a gnat but swallowed a camel.”

Once they had been keen reformers but over the years got bogged down in trivial details. They missed the big picture.

They criticised Jesus for healing someone on the Sabbath. And that fell under one of the 39 prohibited definition­s of “work.”

And on the Sabbath you must not do any “work.”

They were completely unable to rejoice that someone was miraculous­ly made well!

It all comes down to where you take aim. And too often people choose wrong targets.

Your environmen­tal activists make life hard for many who would want to see care for our planet made a greater priority. But surely they should protect against the embassies of those government­s who deny ‘global warming” and have cities where the sun can never shine through the polluted atmosphere?

Not to mention protesting against the commercial interests that sell the gullible public unnecessar­y products, promising unbelievab­le happiness in just one buy.

Or what about the latest fad of ‘veganism’? Of course healthy eating is a good aim. But what about a crusade against food waste?

In a world where many are on the breadline, more should be said about those who overindulg­e. And clean plates would also help to halt the growth of food waste in landfill sites!

But the biggest target ought to be all those who say that happiness comes from ever more possession­s and consumptio­n.

Jesus said: “Man shall not live by bread alone.” It is only when people get in line with their Creator that life gets anywhere near good. But first, hit the camels as well as the gnats! OVER Brexit, perhaps a state of emergency should have been called. Or does Parliament not look upon it so seriously as to forgo the Easter holidays?

It is said that many MPs are stressed out over the Brexit fiasco. I’ve got news for them. So is the electorate who voted out.

Maybe the way Parliament is run by different parties a final decision is impossible. We are now looking at a watered-down version of what our foolish MPs promised.

Our local MP Barry Sheerman wants to stay in Europe but how on earth he says most people in Huddersfie­ld wanted that decision I don’t know. Did he knock on every door to ask?

Time is running out (or has run out). They say ‘too many cooks spoil the broth.’ Brexit is a fine example.

 ??  ?? Lion Arcade, also known as Lion Buildings, in John William Street, Huddersfie­ld, taken by Betty Calderley of Lindley
Lion Arcade, also known as Lion Buildings, in John William Street, Huddersfie­ld, taken by Betty Calderley of Lindley
 ??  ??

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